The Importance of The Right Keyword

You can have a beautiful text with the right SEO on your website, but that is no guarantee for more visitors or customers.

If you have not chosen the correct keyword, it is possible that nobody will find your SEO content.

Crawl into the minds of your potential customers

A keyword must be a term that your target group could probably use as a search term in Google.

Are you a screed floor specialist and do you want to show your expertise in the field of screed floors on your website, then you can of course use the keyword ‘screed floor’.

But if your website does not have a domain authority of forty or higher, the chance that you will end up on the first search results page with that term is very small.

So you will have to crawl deeper into the minds of your potential customers to get high in the search results with a good long-tail keyword.

The best long-tail keyword for your content

Most people no longer search with a single keyword in Google. Often they are much more specific with their search terms because they want an answer to a certain question.

For example, they look for a cheap screed floor. Whether they want to know how you can lay a screed yourself or what the disadvantages of a screed are.

By empathizing with what your potential customers would like to know in the field of cast floors, you can attract many potential customers to your website with the right long-tail keyword.

The search volume on a long-tail keyword such as ‘disadvantages of a screed floor’ is lower than the search volume on the keyword ‘screed floor’.

Yet the chance that people who want to read a good text about the disadvantages of a screed floor will eventually become your customer if you offer them good information is much greater.

And that is ultimately what you want.

3 Tips for finding the right keyword

All nice, that corrects the keyword. But how do you find out what your potential customers want to know? I have collected some useful tips for you:

  • Related searches in Google If you enter the word ‘cast floor’ as a search term, there is a list of commonly used long-tail keywords at the bottom of the search results page. If you click on such a suggestion, more related searches will appear at the bottom of the page.
  • Google Adwords

Use the Google AdWords keyword planner. Not to start an expensive SEA campaign, but to look at the keyword suggestions in the keyword planner. That is completely free and you can also see how high the search volume of each keyword is.

  • Forums

Visit forums. A forum often contains a wealth of information about the questions of potential customers. I searched on the ‘cast floor forum’ and ended up on the Viva forum. Here a woman asked a question about the scratch sensitivity of cast floors. That question was answered by other users, but it does give a good idea of ​​what potential customers would like to know.

 You can achieve more results with the right keyword

Avoid putting time and money into SEO content that is ultimately not read by anyone, because the right keyword has not been thought through properly.

So before you write, find out what the most suitable search term is. Or invest in an SEO copywriter who performs a good keyword analysis in advance.

Felix Tammi

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