Ten Tips From Successful People!

Ambition is not a dirty word, in fact, without a little drive, no progress. You can fill in what you understand by success. Success does not necessarily mean wealth or being the best, your definition of success defines yourself. For some, this means being a nice mother, for others running the marathon, getting a degree for yet another, or becoming a successful businesswoman while someone else understands success as being good for others.

In our society, it is a have to be successful in all areas and that is why you often set the bar very high. As a result, you can often exceed your goal because is it not the intention to just have a good life? In which you feel free and happy and live with meaning? Are you satisfied? Of course, success plays a role because to achieve that life you prefer to be financially independent with a nice circle of friends, love, and health in your life. And yet you can already live that feeling here and now, because success is in your heart, it is a mindset.

How do I know?

In all the years that I have interviewed successful people, the best tips stayed with me. Because no matter how they pursued their success, I noticed that they all had the same approach and aspired to the same thing: freedom, being happy, living consciously, and feeling connected with others. It is often the journey to the top that makes it exciting and not just reaching your final destination. Because what do you do when you reach the top? Then you are already looking at the next challenge. At least, most successful people do, with relentless and infectious enthusiasm. And that enthusiasm is their secret to that successful life and I share those tips with you in the list below!

  • Target. Successful people clearly have a goal. If you don’t have a goal, then you don’t know exactly what you want and where you are going. Set a goal, visualize it and then it is easier to think about how you are going to do that. So do you want to write that book? Sing in a choir? A new job? Think about how you want it and let your enthusiasm flow.
  • Responsibility. Successful people are powerful people who take responsibility; Even when things go wrong. Because this is what they want and if things don’t immediately go as they envisioned it, they don’t see it as a failure but as a way to learn and get on with it.
  • Discipline. All successful people are incredibly disciplined. From athlete to businesswoman, from student to female writers. All of them. I have asked so many people what they would give to achieve their goal and their answer was everything. Get up early, exercise extra, travel a lot, spend all their time on their job – they don’t see it as a task, they see it as the valuable time that brings them close to their goal.
  • Development. Successful people like to learn. Through films, interacting with other people, training, books, professional literature, motivational videos or whatever motivates them to further develop themselves. The day you learn nothing more, you die, my mother always said.
  • Read. Successful people love to read. Steve Jobs read at least two hours a day and when I asked Dennis Storm (former BNN Presenter) how he likes to spend his time, he said that instead of wasting his time on social media, he now reads a non-fiction book during the day and before going to sleep a fiction book. Over the past year, he had devoured a number of books that fed his mind and development.
  • Time management. Successful people are great plans. They set priorities, go for their goals, and say no to things that do not matter to them. Very easy if you make clear choices, then other things cannot distract you.
  • Take a risk now and then! I am quite fond of structure and organized life myself, but sometimes you have to take the plunge. Victoria Beckham told me she took the plunge when the opportunity came along because she wanted to make a name for herself in fashion at all costs. ‘I could have believed all the comments that a Spice Girl and soccer woman knew nothing about fashion, but when I got the chance to go into fashion, I took it despite all the criticism. Scary but I did it anyway. ‘ Successful people know that they have to take risks from time to time to achieve their goal.    
  • Get on. What makes people really successful is that they pick up where others stop. That extra mile. Gordon keeps ongoing, even though he gets a wagon of dredge over him. And also in sports those who continue where others stop. Just think of Dirk Kuyt, Tiger Woods or Kobe Bryant. Or as Giovanni van, Bronckhorst says: “always the full 100%”. They never stop.
  • Mentality. Successful people keep going until they win. It’s really not that certain athletes win more easily than others, it’s their winning mindset that makes the difference. They’ll bite down until they win, no matter what. Therefore, they can motivate themselves more quickly to get back on track when they have a setback, because they see that big goal for themselves. And that’s what they go for, they give everything.
  • Passion. They do what they love, they have found their passion. They don’t work for the money either, but they work because they love to do it so much. Of course, they are also well paid for it, but basically they do what they love very much. Although Pascal Naessen said she would even write and make cookbooks even if she weren’t paid for them because cooking and creating is her passion. Otherwise, you will not be able to survive. Just like I can really lose myself in writing pieces or beautiful books. There is no better. And I try to develop on a daily basis so that my writing keeps getting better. You only have one life so do what you like to get out of bed for because then you will be really successful!

Success is in your heart and everything is already in you to express it.

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Increase your happiness factor!

Felix Tammi

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