Ten Secrets of Successful People

Successful people do a number of things differently from people who are unsuccessful and often insecure. In any case, the results of successful people are different because they are on the side of the cause and not the effect. Standing on the side of the cause means that you take your own life in hand, and consciously create what you want. Successful people know that their outcome is determined by their actions. They also know that their actions are determined by their feelings and their feelings are determined by their thoughts. They know that they create their success and their lives. You can read more about this process in the article: The power of your thoughts 

To rebuild

A successful millionaire or billionaire can therefore lose his wealth but also rebuild it because he knows what to do to be successful. Successful confident people also have the beliefs that go with it. While many other more insecure people at a certain level where they feel comfortable to feel stuck. If you have low self-confidence and believe about yourself that you are not worthy of being successful, then your actions will be in line with that. You create exactly what you do not want, as it were.

Grumble and blame others

As long as you feel good about it, that is of course completely fine. But I hear quite a few people grumble about their existence, about their environment, about what happens to them. And in doing, so they unconsciously declare themselves victims of their environment. And by doing that, you will never, really ever become successful. That is not entirely true, because you will be a successful victim. But is that what you want? That can really be done differently. You don’t have to have a very hard life, as Brigitte Kaandorp puts it so beautifully. Not that I mean that bad things don’t happen in the lives of successful people. They have those experiences too. But they deal with it in a different way. In a more productive way. In those situations, they look at the gain of the loss, instead of hanging on to victimization.


Successful people clearly have a different mindset than unsuccessful people. They think and do different things than unsuccessful people. They think positively and if something goes wrong they have learned something again. Successful people have what Carol Dweck writes in her book mindset, a growth mindset, where the more insecure and more passive people have a fixed mindset. 

The Secrets of Successful People:

Successful people know what they want

Working with goals is crucial to achieving what you want to achieve. Insecure people often know better what they don’t want than what they do. And what do you think happens when a carpenter wants to make a chair, but he does not know exactly what that chair should look like …

Imagine your goals. Take pictures of your ideal outcome. See it literally for you. And if seeing is something you don’t easily connect with, feel the feeling or hear what you hear. But make it a sensory perception. Maybe you can also smell or taste something. You can also affirm yourself by using affirmations and guided visualizations. And also make a mood board of your goals.

Successful people know why they want what they want

In addition to knowing what you want, you also need to have enough reason to want to achieve what you want to achieve. If you don’t have enough reasons, you will tend to drop out at the first headwind. By writing down or imagining reasons as much as possible, you can keep yourself motivated even when things go wrong. These reasons can be both positive and negative. They can be motivated by avoiding pain, but also by getting pleasure. Pain and pleasure are our driving forces in everything we do.

Successful people have a good strategy

Besides knowing what you want and having enough reasons to want what you want, you also need a good strategy. A bigger plan. A plan in which you describe for yourself the steps you have to take to make you wish a reality. If you want to start your own business you will not get anywhere without a plan. If you want to lose weight permanently, you will not succeed without a plan. If you want to find another job or improve your relationship, and so on, whatever it is: You need a good plan. A plan in which not only the steps are listed, but it also states what you are going to do if things go against you. Good preparation is half the job. The combination of having a goal, enough reason to want to achieve it, and a good strategy often lead to a sense of passion for what you want. That passion then becomes the driving force that will help you achieve what you want.

Successful people know they have to practice learning something

Success does not just happen. It is not something you can experience sitting back on the couch. For most people, being successful is hard work. But in principle, that hard work does not necessarily have to cost a lot of energy. If you go for what you want and you have made the decision and nothing or no one is going to stop you, you will often experience the effortlessness on your side. Yes, you have to make an effort, but it often also gives you a lot of energy. Learning to walk was also not easy. Most of us don’t get your driver’s license. You have to practice, practice, practice. 

Successful people are not afraid of making mistakes

You might not think so. But making mistakes is an important condition for success. If you are willing to make frequent and many mistakes, you will learn faster and quickly become better at what you do. Making plans is part of success, but ultimately success is always achieved by doing. Stepping just a little earlier, not being afraid of what is to come and doing, doing and doing a lot more, makes successful people successful. So thinking first and then acting is not always the case for successful people. Sometimes they do, and they take a risk that people without self-confidence dare not take. And then they think while they do. Thinking how it can be done better, faster, better. To then adjust their strategy accordingly.

Successful people focus their time and attention 

A very important factor in achieving success is your ability to stay focused. To always separate main and side issues and to keep focusing your attention and energy consistently and consistently on where you want to go. And by first finishing what you started. Getting distracted by new and other fun things is also a pitfall for some people (including me). They then lose their focus because other new things beckon. But that means that in the end many things are not completed and you do not become as successful as possible. So sticking to your goal and plan is important.

Successful people rely on their gut

Research confirms it, you can read in the book: The clever unconscious of professor Ab Dijksterhuis. Letting yourself be guided by your unconscious or your intuition in complicated decisions. Your unconscious is capable of weighing many more factors than you will ever consciously be able to do. In addition, if you align your intuition with your mind, something like flow arises. A certain effortlessness occurs. What you want, then meets you halfway, as it were. Not that you don’t have to do anything anymore, because that’s not how it works. But the right things fall to you at the right time.

Successful people communicate effectively

We do not live in a cocoon, not in a closed world, but in an open community. People also depend on other people for their survival. We are all social beings and need each other. If you really want to be effective in what you want, then effective communication is also important. Successful people know that they are responsible not only for what they send but also for what is received. They do not blame another but take responsibility for their actions. And see mistakes in this as opportunities to learn from.

Successful people are congruent

Successful people are who they are and are authentic. They rely on their own intuition, their gut. They listen to themselves and take themselves and others seriously. They respect who they are, but also who the other is. They know that we have all been shaped by what we have experienced in our reality and know that it can vary. Acceptance of what is in their reality and work with it and from there is what they do. They do not resist what reality offers them. They adapt their strategy to what they encounter.

Successful people think big 

Successful people aim at the sun and know that if things go wrong, they will still land among the stars. They didn’t lose their dreams as a child, but they know that it is those dreams that take them to places other than where most people go. They think big, without losing sight of the details. Successful people also don’t do certain things. Read what they don’t do: What you won’t see successful people do

How successful can you be?

How successful are you allowed to be? Do you have enough self-confidence and can you be who you are? Do you have a purpose in your life? If you want to learn how to take better care of yourself, as well as how to reach your goals, my online Self-Esteem for Women (including men!) Course can help you. Do you want to know more about it?

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