Successful People Have These 8 Qualities in Common

What qualities do successful people have in common? Lindhout (29) has interviewed more than 75 guests for his ‘100% inspiration’ podcast over the past two years. From astronaut André Kuipers to swimming champion Pieter van den Hoogenband. He arrived at eight properties.

This thinks that many people give their lives six. “Their work is okay, their relationship is okay. They are not unhappy, but they are certainly not happy either. Yet they don’t go for those eight. They choose safety. So that it will certainly not be four. ” He himself took a deep dive into the world of personal development at the age of 21. He devoured books, lectures, and workshops.

Habit 1. They’re on fire

, What makes your heart beat faster? In which activities do you notice that time passes by itself? Marten van der Warden said that a year before the Olympic Games he slept in an oxygen tent every day, for a year, for fifteen hours, cycled to the swimming pool every day, trained there for seven hours, and then back on the bike, eat and again. Sleep in his tent. He lived like a monk. Didn’t see friends. I asked: that must have been hell. Not at all, he loved it! And so you see, you have to find things super fun to do, otherwise, you will not keep it up. ”

Habit 2. Focus!

“If you don’t determine a direction yourself, the universe will do it for you. Or as Rem co Classes – trainer and speaker – says nicely: ‘If you don’t make a plan for your own life, you will be used for other people’s plans.’ When I sat at my desk in 2013, I suddenly saw it in front of me. I am a drummer, I was always the clown of the band, that gave me energy. So it had to be something with humor, music and inspiration. And then I came up with: a theater show. Five minutes later I was on the phone with Carrie. Three months later I was in the theater with my first theater show: 100% This Show. I visualized where I wanted to be. It gave me focus. ” On Sunday he will be back on stage with a try-out.

Habit 3. Lacking hard work

“Success is never a surprise. Everyone I’ve interviewed has worked above average for it. When you watched André Kuipers go live into space at the end of 2011, you probably didn’t think about the 33 years of preparation that preceded this. 33 years old! And Eva Koreman was turned down many times before she was finally hired on the radio. She persevered and now she has her own regular afternoon show on 3FM from 12:00 to 14:00. A dream has come true. By working hard. Facking hard. 

Feature 4. Yes! Criticism

“Of all the people I have interviewed, Sylvana Simons is the one who by far has to endure the most criticism. I interviewed her in June 2016. She had just joined the political party DENK and was heavily involved in the Zwarte Piet discussion. Everyone had an opinion about her. I asked her what all that criticism did to her. She said, ‘Nothing. I have learned that it is not a criticism of me as a person, but of my opinion. ‘ The moral of this story: choose your own path. Criticism is a sign that you are doing well. ”

Property 5. Dare to be yourself

“Every person is unique. However, not every person dares to embrace their ‘uniqueness’. Most people adapt to their environment like a chameleon. The desired behavior of their boss, desired opinion of their partner, desired jokes from their friends. And let me tell you one thing: if there is one thing that is creating an energy leak in your life, it is not being true to yourself. Life is not a quest for happiness and success, life is a quest for connection with yourself. When you are 100 percent true to yourself, it is not that difficult to be happy. ”

Habit 6. Rustaaaagh

, The people I have interviewed, and who in my eyes are really happy, all appear to have a ritual to keep in touch with themselves. This allows them to keep stress to a minimum, despite their busy lives. Ruben van Zwieten – pastor and entrepreneur – said that he consciously seeks loneliness once a month. He prefers to go out into nature for a few hours without a phone on Sundays. He says, “In these few hours of solitude comes all the insights and all the wisdom I seem to need for the rest of the month.”

Habit 7. Try not to be a cunt

, In the past you could become very successful by being a jerk. Those times have changed. You need others to become successful and others will not just run for you. In other words: to be successful you have to be a team player. And to be a team player you have to be likable. Jo’s Burgers – speaker and writer of management books – is about the nicest person in the world. One of his precepts is that, if it doesn’t take more than an hour, he always helps others. With this Jo’s is also putting one of his own marketing laws into practice: what you give, you get back. 

Habit 8. Know what motivates you and why

, A good friend of mine recently came up with an interesting exercise to test what your motivation source is. Suppose you can’t share your success with anyone. None of your friends and other people around you will know what you are doing. You have to keep it to yourself. What would you do then? Peter van den Hoogenband has not fallen into the known hole after his top sport career. How come? He knows what motivates him. He thinks swimming and improving himself is the best there is. That is why he is now committed to motivating organizations and children to do more with sports. ”

Felix Tammi

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