Stress-free Life? Keep It Simple

Stress-free living.

Do you lead a stressful life? Many people lead this. There are many issues in life: work, a family, a relationship, family, friends, and so on. Keeping all these balls up at the same time takes a lot of energy and time. It is logical that there are moments of stress when everything does not go smoothly. People around you also have certain expectations of you. You are asked questions and people give their opinions or advice. At some point, it can all become too much, and then it is done. The pressure becomes too high and the stress becomes too much.

One person works himself completely drowsy in the hope of being able to keep up everything and keep those balls high in the air, you don’t want to disappoint anyone. Another person slams completely shut. Nothing more comes out of his or her hands. Due to the amount of pressure, tension and stress, a kind of protection system has been activated in the body that has put everything in standby mode. Simple activities have also become a difficult burden.

However, you react to stress, the main point is that the causes of the stress disappear from your life. Stop accepting that you have to suffer from all kinds of physical and psychological complaints forever because that is just part of it. Because that is absolutely not the case. Having stress is a choice that you can make in your life. By taking a few easy steps you can free yourself from the misery of every day.

Living a simple life

A big factor that causes chaos and stress in your head is chaos in your life. If you have to do so much and want to do so much, the result is that you are not doing one thing really well. It is therefore important to determine for yourself what is really important to you and what is not. In order to relieve yourself of stress, it is important to go back to what is very important to you. Back to the essence of your life. Choose to live a life on your own terms. You, therefore, dismiss the expectations of other people. It no longer matters what other people want and expect, you have your own goals and wishes.

A simple life is no longer about the desire for all kinds of bigger and more beautiful things. The longing for more and more makes you sick. You are saying that you never have enough or that what you do is never enough. It’s all about satisfaction. If you can enjoy what you have, you will be much happier. Stay close to yourself and focus on what is important to you. You are of value, you do not need any particular stuff or status to confirm that.

It is already in the simple things, for example:

Do you opt for a bigger / more beautiful house? This means that the mortgage will go up and the monthly costs will increase. This may mean that you have to earn more and therefore work more.


Do you choose to stay where you live? This means that you may even be able to work a little less and focus more on doing fun things with family/friends. You are not up to your neck in the burden and can live a calmer life.

Every choice you make in your life has an effect, choose consciously!

Important steps for a stress-free life

Pay off debts. Say goodbye to things you don’t really need. Also let go of the fact that you must have the latest television, car or smartphone. This also includes having to have a top job with prestige. These things ultimately do not enrich your life in any sense. The essence of a car is that it can take you from A to B. Taking out a loan on this will distract you from a stress-free happy life and thus ultimately only cause you concern.

Live your own life. Many people under stress are too concerned with what other people think of them, think about them. There is no reason to assume that other people have all the wisdom and can tell you what to do best. Don’t let others decide what you should or shouldn’t do. Live your life on your own terms. If you find it necessary to do or not do certain things, stand for that. You can’t keep everyone happy. Your happiness does not depend on other people’s approval.

Save. Due to a high spending pattern or debt, the monthly income may be too little to make ends meet. Free yourself from this stress and, for example, live frugally for a while. Only spend money on essential groceries and nothing else. It provides enormous peace of mind and you learn to see which purchases are or are not useful in daily life. Make sure to cut large monthly costs. Do you have unnecessary subscriptions? Then cancel it. All things considered, can ensure that you can bear your monthly costs much better. Save everything you have left and use it to pay off debts, or start a savings bank. 

Stop doing things you are not good at.

If you put a lot of energy and time into things you are not good at, it can be very frustrating. It is also very tiring and stressful. It can also hurt your self-esteem. It is good to accept that you can better hand over the things you are not very good at to people who are good at them. Nobody is good at everything. So focus on the things you can do well. This makes you much happier and you keep your own tasks simple and clear. What are you good at? Do more of that!

Focus on the future. If you are in an unpleasant situation, with a lot of stress and worry, try to focus on the future. See how you can shape your life in the future, removing as many causes of your stress as possible. Think of things you would like to achieve and how you envision your life happily.

Live in the now. You can become entangled in endless visions of the future and planning for what will happen later. However, you think of it: you live in the now. You cannot just be concerned with the future. So also enjoy the now. Of   is logical and good that you prepare for things in the future. But also pay attention to the now. Take a good look around you. Enjoy the people you have been given. Listen to the animals outside. Take a good look at the sun and moon as they shine in all their beauty. Appreciate the little things that seem so obvious.

Say no to materialism. Many people are increasingly surrounding themselves with things. They want more and more and are never happy with what they already have. In the end, it is not things that make people happy. It’s in the experiences and social interactions. That’s where the memories come from. Therefore, read as little as possible the focus on stuff. Crowds and lots of stuff can cause a feeling of unrest. What makes you relaxed? A tidy and minimalist space or a house with a lot of stuff and clutter? By living in a simple way you will experience a feeling of inner peace more quickly. You don’t have to worry about many things. Enjoy the tranquility of simplicity. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. A simple view of life will save you more time. Time to relax, unwind and enjoy.

Have a healthy body. Make sure you eat and drink properly. Try to drink enough water every day. In addition, eat as varied and healthy as possible, with lots of fruit and vegetables. Good and balanced nutrition will help lower your stress level. In addition, exercise is also very important. Exercising for half an hour every day works wonders for body and mind.

Maintain your social contacts. Ultimately, life revolves around contact with other people. Try to contact people around you more. These can be your neighbors, but also people you meet on the street or in the store. Have a chat with the supermarket cashier and meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. Everyone feels better through social interaction. It improves your mood and increases your self-confidence. It is particularly stress-relieving if you can have a pleasant conversation with someone. Just being with each other and doing things together, for example, works wonders for reducing stress.

Stop complaining. Notice what you think and speak one day. Bring more positivity to your life. Words and thoughts have a lot of power. So make sure you think and speak positively! Complaining is of no use to you, it only brings a negative spiral into your life.

Benefits of a stress-free, simple life

  • You get to the core of your own life. When you live a simple life, you simply get to what is really important to you. You have more time to focus on what is important. You soon find out that this is not status, expensive clothing or a busy life. It is your loved ones around you, your relationships with others and the relationship to yourself.
  • It gives you a sense of inner peace. The world is often about being busy and being in a hurry, but a simple life helps you to find inner peace.
  • More space to enjoy. Stress makes it difficult for you to think about anything else. By removing stress from your life you have more time for inner peace and more space to enjoy yourself mentally. You take your time for everything and you don’t have to worry about everything you have to do. Happiness is in the small things, it is often said. You will also notice that you enjoy the smallest things much more because of the tranquility. 
  • Worry less about everything you no longer have. Where you previously attached great value to expensive items such as electronics and clothing, these are now things you no longer care about. If you live a simple life, things like power, status and recognition are less important. You see for yourself what is important in your life.
  • You have more time for important things. By setting your priorities better, you also have more time to do what is important to you. For example, you can take better care of yourself, eat healthier and learn the things you have always wanted to learn. You have time left for hobbies. What do you get satisfaction from? What makes you happy? What is good for your health? These questions are of value in determining what is really important in your life.
  • You suffer from less stress. The biggest benefit of living a simple life and existence is of course less stress. Stress is largely determined by you. Living without or living with less stress is nice and much better for you physically and mentally. Stress is often a cause of many physical and psychological complaints. A life without stress makes your life a lot more fun. Mental stress exhausts you completely. By living simple and prioritizing what really matters, you can save yourself a lot of stress.

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