Reduce Stress – 7 Practical Tips

Do you want to scale back the strain in your life? Reducing the sensation of stress seems impossible when your head is full. Still, it’s easier than you think that. The following pointers will assist you to reduce stress.

Reducing stress is not difficult

When your head is full of worries, thoughts, and ideas, it seems impossible to relax. You feel tense, there is a heavy feeling in your stomach, you get all kinds of strange ailments and you don’t seem to be able to shake it off.

Stress is harmful. Not only does it make you less happy, it also has a negative impact on numerous processes in your body, including your immune system and your metabolism. In addition, burnout is always lurking if you do not change the situation.

However, reducing stress isn’t difficult, it just requires a little discipline. Apply the tips below and allow your body to regain balance. Before you know it you will be relaxed again, and you can take on the world again!

Reduce stress by exercising

When your head is full it is difficult to relax. That is why it is better to take proper action and to pick up something practical, such as exercise.

In response to stress, your body produces the hormone adrenaline. By exercising, you can break down this hormone practically. You will notice that about 45 minutes of moderate to intensive exercise will do you a lot of good.

Regular exercise helps you cope with stress and helps reduce stress. You clear your head, happy substances are produced in your brain and you immediately feel more relaxed.

Do you find it difficult to move? Then make it easy on yourself. You do not necessarily have to exercise, you can also soak the house (is quite intensive and soothing), exercise on your Wii or take a nice walk. But don’t skip this step. Exercise to reduce stress, and keep exercising regularly to protect yourself from stress.

Take control of your thoughts

Grab a piece of paper and write down what things are going on in your life right now. What are you all doing? On what projects and tasks are you trying to divide your attention at the moment?

By just writing your mind empty you get an overview. And this overview gives you control. And that helps reduce stress.

In your head tasks and thoughts are linked to emotions. This usually pulls them out of proportion. Tasks that are not important at all keep you busy all day while the really important things are left.

Clear your mind and experience how easy it becomes to set priorities. Stress is often caused by a lack of priorities!

Do something easy

Stress is more common in people who are creative and enterprising. You want to do everything, and you get overloaded.

As an enterprising person, you find it difficult to really relax. It feels pointless to do nothing for days to recover. Rather, give yourself the satisfaction of completing some useful tasks.

Do you want to reduce stress? Then don’t make it too difficult for yourself. For example, agree with yourself that you will only complete one important task today, and then have one free time. Or do something in the household or garden. Allow yourself to feel like you’ve accomplished something, that you’ve spent your day use, and set clear boundaries for yourself.

Supplement vitamin deficiencies

A stressed body consumes vitamins and minerals at an increased rate. That is why it is important to be extra vigilant for vitamin deficiencies.

It can be smart to pay extra attention to your intake of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B. By supplementing your diet with fresh vegetables, unroasted nuts, seeds, and whole-grain products you can continue to provide your body with these important nutrients so that your body processes continue to function properly even under stress.

Avoid sugar and eat a healthy diet

When you are stressed your body is out of balance. Because your hormones are out of balance, you can get extra cravings for sweets and unhealthy snacks. Try to resist this temptation if you want to get out of this situation quickly and reduce stress.

Feed your body with a balanced and healthy diet and try to avoid sugar. That means you should avoid sweets, white bread, alcohol, and soft drinks. In addition, caffeine is also a very bad choice in times of stress, because it stimulates the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Meditate and watch your breathing

Use meditation as a medication. When you have relaxed a bit, meditation can further help you reduce stress.

Meditation starts with the breath. Become aware of your breathing, and feel your breathing high and shallow in times of stress. If you want to reduce the feeling of stress, take a slow, deep breath through your stomach.

Then you can sit or lie down in a quiet area and try to focus on your breathing for ten minutes. That is difficult at first, but it gets easier every time.

By meditating, you lower your heart rate, reduce the production of stress hormones, lower your blood pressure, and clear your mind.

Reduce stress with soothing herbs

Can you use some extra support in times of stress? Then mother nature can lend you a hand. Use calming herbs that help you unwind and limit the production of stress hormones.

For example, you can drink chamomile tea, eat asparagus, drink herbal tea, or drink St. John’s herb tea.

In addition, there are also various homeopathic remedies available that help you calm down in a practical and natural way by means of herbal extracts. An example of this are products based on valerian.

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