Need Motivation? Tips to Achieve Your Goals

You are probably full of ambitions and good plans, you just need to implement them. And it often gets stuck there. You cannot find the right motivation to achieve your goals. Why can it be such a challenge to motivate yourself, and how can you change that? Need motivation? Tips to achieve your goals. With these tips, you will find the motivation to achieve your goals!

Get inspired

You can’t motivate yourself if you don’t have concrete goals. Be inspired by the world around you. Observe, pay attention to things that interest you, and give it your own twist. If you do things that are fun, it is also much easier to motivate yourself. Turn boring or boring actions into successful actions. Putting a garbage bag out on the street is no fun, an empty garbage can and a clean kitchen is. By putting the bag outside you ensure that the kitchen is neatly tidy. The kitchen is the inspiration, the goal, taking out the garbage bag is not the goal but a means to achieve your goal. Be inspired by result-oriented goals.


Often it is not a matter of lack of motivation, but a fear of failure. In that case there is a lack of confidence. In yourself, in another or in a situation. Why tackle something that can fail? Failure is not an option but a necessity. Children learn by failure, over and over again. Get up, fall over. Get up again and keep trying until you succeed. Because small children have no fear of failure, they remain motivated to succeed. If you have confidence in yourself, you don’t have to fear failure. If you’re not afraid of failure, motivating yourself is suddenly much easier. Always look for the chance of success. If you don’t the chance of success is by definition zero percent. Trying is always higher, so go for it!

Short-term plan

Having a slim and toned body in one year can be a very nice goal, but it is a big project with a long duration. By dividing up big plan sit is much easier to motivate yourself in small sub-projects with clear deadlines. For example, cooking vegetarian every Wednesday. That is a small and achievable goal. If you can prepare a tasty meal on Wednesdays, you will get the motivation to cook more, and you will take more into account your diet. You take yourself to exercise outdoors once a week. Take the minimum number of steps every day. These are all micro goals with which you work towards one long-term goal. Every positive result motivates you to continue like a row of dominoes. A small setback is not bad, you create a forward movement that will go faster and faster.

You don’t motivate alone

If you are reluctant yourself, you often choose people in your environment who also think the same way. Look for people who can motivate you . People in your area often see things that you don’t see yourself. Look for people who always see the positive side of things and let them motivate you. Motivation is contagious.

You can participate in the motivation of others, or let yourself be motivated. In the first case you are next, you go along with the energy flow of the other person. In the second case, the person will point you in the right direction, you come first. The first situation is a bit easier than the second, sometimes a “predecessor” provides some protection. Ultimately, you want to reach that second phase, where you operate from within yourself with a little push. The most important thing is to find someone, or several people close to you, who will help you find that motivation that is already inside you.

The basic principles of motivation at a glance:

  • Inspire: Look around you and let inspiring things come to you.
  • Trust: The chance of success is always higher if you try.
  • Divide: Turn one goal into many small goals that you can achieve in the short term.
  • Collaborate: Get motivated by others, and help others find motivation.

Challenge completed! You have arrived at the end of this article. That means you have passed this challenge! Is nothing you say? Apparently you were motivated enough to read this entire article. That indicates that you want to achieve something. You want to know where you can get motivation from and apply that to your situation. That means you have the motivation, you can achieve something, and every goal is a milestone. A building block in a pyramid that can be infinitely high. You are motivated, keep it up!

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Felix Tammi

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