Marketing and Communication – Do you Forget These Target Groups Too?

It all seems very logical. You use your marketing resources to reach your (potential) customers. But in the end, there are target groups that are often forgotten. In addition to your (potential) customers, there are more target groups that need your attention. In this article, you discover which target groups these are so that you can pay attention to this with your communication.

Reach and convince the influencers of your target group

Your (potential) customers are affected by all sides. Think of journalists, bloggers, and comparison sites, but also by peers (like-minded). Because if colleagues, business relations, and (social media) friends are positive about your company, it has a major impact on your potential customer.

These days, we find the opinion of others increasingly important, and we also believe that opinion faster than the promises of a company. Just think of the social influencers. Products are sent to them, and they give their opinion about it.

If this opinion is good, the product is sold much faster and much more often than if it is given a negative opinion. Also, try to focus on online marketing here.

Because the opinion of others has become so important, you must ensure that you know who these influencers are. Also, make sure that they have a good impression of your company. Even though they are not a target group themselves.

With your marketing and communication, make sure that your experts are convinced of your company

Value is also attached to what independent experts say. They are even at the top of the list of trusted influencers.

Consider who is the experiential expert in the field of your product or service. Does this person know your company? And what does he or she thinks of it? Also, consider comparison sites and organizations such as consumer association.

They have a major influence on the buying behavior of consumers. The opinion of experts actually goes together with the group of influencers. An expert, or independent party, is believed more quickly by the (potential) customer than the promises of a company.

So now make sure that the opinion of experts is positively influenced. You can do this by introducing them to your products/services. Send them something to test and then ask for a review, or organize a meeting where you give information.

Offer marketing partners help with marketing and communication

Do you work with a dealer network? Or is your product used in service? These trading partners are very important to reach your customer.

Make sure your dealer is happy to sell your product. Give him selling tools that make selling easier. Even better; offer marketing assistance.

Because you can work much more efficiently by setting up the marketing for all your dealers at the same time and your dealer can fully occupy himself with matters such as sales, assembly, and maintenance.

Consider your own organization and ensure strong internal communication

When we think of marketing communication, we usually think of reaching the (potential) customers. Internal communication is often forgotten but is perhaps the most essential part of the entire marketing.

Your staff is your calling card. Make sure they propagate your vision and mission in everything they do and tell. If your staff is not well-informed or does not feel involved, they will never express what you have in mind.

Therefore, involve your staff in decisions, make them feel heard, and put your staff at the center. If there is dissatisfaction, you must ensure that you really listen to your staff and also ensure that this dissatisfaction is removed.

MooiMerk helps Intratuin Barneveld with an online magazine. This informs staff about store promotions, birthdays, news updates, and more. The magazine exudes the atmosphere that Intratuin wants to radiate. By taking the staff with them, they will also radiate that atmosphere to the customer.

Ready to get started with reaching important target groups?

Use your marketing resources not only for your (potential) customer but for all relevant target groups. Make an overview of all target groups that your company is dealing with, and also state how you will reach them and what message you want to convey.

Felix Tammi

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