Inspirational Leadership: How Do You Motivate Your Team in Times of Crisis?

You never know in advance when your organization will end up in stormy weather. Whether it comes from causes within or completely beyond your control, inspirational leadership is more important than ever in uncertain times. Many people feel insecure and overwhelmed by the current corona crisis.

As a leader, it is critical to keep your employees inspired and motivated. Recruitment agency Robert Walters lists four things that a manager must do to be an inspiration to his employees.

Don’t panic

It is not difficult to understand why many people become restless in a crisis. As a leader, it can be challenging getting through to people when there is so much uncertainty in the air. Nevertheless, you can turn critical moments to your advantage by turning the seriousness and weight of the situation into an inspiring call to action. Many people are on edge in these situations – use this energy to move forward as an organization.

Deeds not words

Much of the rhetoric of leaders in times of crisis will seem familiar to people. Therefore words alone will not have the effect you hope for. Even though your words are powerful and everything you say is correct, you mainly inspire by taking action and setting a good example. It is therefore essential that you as a leader do more than just talk. Come up with new initiatives and help put them into practice where possible. This helps to convert your words into tangible results in the (virtual) workplace. Also, reward the creative solutions and initiatives that your employees come up with themselves. This way you keep your employees motivated and you ensure that they do more than just what is explicitly asked of them.

Show empathy

There is no doubt that when hard times come, every employee is put to the test and placed under significantly more pressure. The extra effort and focus required within a company in times of crisis can be tough for many people. It is, therefore, crucial to find the right balance between communicating clearly, which means, for example, not bothering about delivering bad news, and showing empathy at the same time. Show your employees that you are not underestimating the seriousness of the situation, but at the same time let them know that they are strong enough to get through it.

Maintain harmony in your team

When things go wrong, people naturally look for something or someone to blame. A hostile atmosphere in the workplace can be incredibly damaging for your organization: employees no longer work together towards a common goal, but instead, face each other. Clear communication is therefore crucial: even if you don’t have all the answers yet or if you have bad news, it is always better to communicate this than to leave your employees in uncertainty. Lack of communication is often the cause of rumors and possibly conflict. Bring your employees together and remind them that unity is the best way to face problems.

Felix Tammi

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