Facebook Advertising – 5 Case Studies (with mega success)

Advertising on Facebook. Who does not participate nowadays?

The increased competition is huge and this ensures that countless entrepreneurs (unnecessarily) burn their hard-earned money.

If you want to get more out of your Facebook ads (or are you considering starting), make sure you continue reading.

See the hard examples and discover:

  • The campaign with which we paid just $0.07 cents per click
  • The 3 most important optimization techniques (which means we only pay $0.89 per lead)
  • How each campaign can be tested and optimized in a structured way

How do you reduce advertising costs on Facebook?

A crucial first step is determining your goal.

Do you want to create a large reach, send potential customers to your website, or are you looking for extra branding? After determining this, we switch to the various purchase phases that your customers go through.

To begin with: the confirmation.

You come across something and a need arises.

Your bike is broken; you need a new phone or are looking for new staff.

After confirming this need, you will look for information in the next phase to find a solution to your problem. Where can I have my bike made? Which phone do I need or where can I place vacancies for free?

To get an answer, look for additional information. Finding your answers marks the start of a new phase: evaluating the alternatives. Do you make your own bicycle or are you going to outsource it? And if you choose option 1, what do you need for this?

Evaluating these options brings you to a certain buying decision. During advertising, take into account the phase in which your customer enters.

The 4 phases for a successful Facebook Campaign

  • Confirmation “Shit I have a problem”
  • Finding information “Who can help me?”
  • Evaluation of alternatives “Which product is best for me?”
  • Buy “Yes, I want it!”

If we translate this to Facebook, the right ads must be displayed here at the right time. This is in line with the phase in which the customer is at that moment. To find out when an advertisement is at its most effective, the test must be put to the test.

Whatever techniques we have tested or what wonderful tips I want to give you, you will only know if it really works if you test it yourself.

Do you want to test and optimize your advertising campaign? Then take THAT into account. This is important!

THAT ingredient for optimizing your Facebook Ads


Well, THAT.

DAT stands for:

  • D target audience
  • A y Image
  • T ext

Play with the elements to find out which campaign will bring you the most customers. Make sure you always test DAT, whatever social media channel you use.

Remember that no matter how far you engage in Facebook advertising, no one is able to guarantee you the golden strategy.

The tests that you run yourself, in which you play with the elements mentioned above, are the most important input for you. Do not start with the opinions and opinions of others and let the figures speak.

Test, analyze, and improve.

Not only spend your advertising budget on the actual results, but also in your marketing knowledge. The further you are, the more you analyze, and the better you will do.

Would you prefer to spar with us about your Facebook advertising ideas or campaigns? Feel free to let us hear from you or see how we process Facebook in our online marketing mix.

Felix Tammi

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