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Confused about choosing the right SEO Company for the company.?. I know it is really hard to find a trusted SEO Consultant. Any choice in a hurry or because of price sensitivity can lead to loss of money and time. There are plenty of people in the search engine optimization fraternity who follow unethical techniques. One can find amateurs in the SEO industry who really don’t understand what is correct and what is wrong. They have no idea about the latest Google’s twitter updates. Unethical strategies and assembly line search engine optimization tactics do not work anymore in today’s world. But these people still practice bulk link building activities which are considered unethical by search engines. The traditional SEO methods of the 1990s don’t work in today’s time. But agencies and SEO freelancers still follow them and hence no results are achieved for the client.

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 Google Panda and your Digital Marketing Expert

Penguin was one of the 1st major SEO update introduced by Google in 04/2012. There was a lot of site at that time which were concentrating on bulk link building and were suffering from this particular update. It is not like Google was not penalizing websites well before Penguin update. The penalty also existed before penguin when Google used to penalize websites for backlinks manually. Link spam used to work like a charm for SEO’s earlier and hence they still followed it in the belief that it may do the job. Working with Black or Grey hat techniques is almost suicidal nowadays with Search engines being very strict in penalties. Although, Google penalties can be recovered however only in case when you know how to recover and what to restore from. Usually, SEO agencies hide penalty messages so they don’t lose the contract. Trust me, you may never discover what is wrong with your website. Even if you change your SEO freelancer, it will not be a cake-walk to come out of the penalty. This is because you will not have a full report from your digital marketing company who has done a bad job of web links on your website.

Best 3 things to expect from a reliable Digital Marketing Agency

1. On-Page Search engine optimization is the King.

Focus on Approach and not techniques. Search engine optimization is a never-ending marathon competition.

For more quickly results in you can try Adwords. Pay Per Click will help you generate qualified prospects in no-time by placing your advertisement on page one of Google. Google Pay per click features a large display network also. If you perform SEO as per Google’s rules then it is called White Hat search engine optimization. It is actually an authentic technique to do SEO. SEO is the year 2020 and ahead is all about on-site search engine optimization where features like header tags, meta-tags, and content are key. Our advice is actually to verify if your current search engine optimization company is actually carrying out a job on these on-site and technological search engine optimization things.

2. Cleaver Link Strategy

Ranking on high competition keywords calls for extra effort and links. public relations is the new search engine optimization in 2020. Is your search engine optimization company building links the actual white hat way? It would be truly worth inquiring. Also, take a full report every 2 2 or 3 weeks to review the backlinks made by them. two very good backlinks with traffic are certainly better in SEO than 50-60 poor quality backlinks, which means good quality is important in SEO marketing. Getting a great back-link is actually just like mining precious metal. It really is tough to locate websites who are ok to offer a link-back.

3. Reporting in Google Docs

Every decent SEO freelancer gives on-page and off-page reports on a weekly or month-to-month bases. All changes in Title, Description, Link changes, and just about everything about on-site-on-page should be recorded in a report by your SEO agency|It would be good to have reported in Google docs about on-site alterations. I prefer Google docs thanks to the real-time monitoring benefit. Reporting assists you to keep each of the records of improvements. Every one of the back-links which are built for the site should be in a spreadsheet with login details or information of the webmaster. The particular records will be helpful in the future to look at the live and dead backlinks.

This is Very Important

Most of the known SEO Company are very clear in reporting. Search engine optimization is a funny game and a number of firms try to trick clients with false guarantees. Selecting an SEO agency is definitely important because the results of your company are actually dependent on the way they perform. They should be hired the same way you hire any Sr Professional in the firm.

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