Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Digital marketing consists of many dynamic elements – SEO, social media, marketing automation and more. As a result of technology, the world has evolved into a “global village” and we are connected to people from other countries and cultures. The new technologies, techniques and algorithms from Google and Facebook, which are constantly evolving, must be closely monitored.

Because technology is changing ever faster, here are some digital marketing trends that we look forward to by 2020.

  1. Social messaging apps

Social media applications such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are no longer used solely to send messages to friends. These applications are becoming increasingly popular with companies to communicate with their customers. Messaging apps are popular with companies because customers find it useful to have direct contact with companies. In addition, it offers the possibility to conduct personalized marketing.

A few ways in which companies use this:

  • Make contacts and relationships
  • Inform customers about their company/products
  • Stimulate sales
  • Invitations to events
  • Reclaim potential customers
  • Offer customer support is a great example when it comes to providing customer support via Facebook messenger. It is fast and efficient = instant gratification.

  1. Personalization

Personalized marketing is what it will be all about in 2020. Consumers are tired of seeing everyday advertisements that have nothing to do with them. They zap the programs while advertisements are being broadcast and pay a supplement for music streaming services to avoid advertisements. Traditional advertising is becoming less and less effective.

Personalization is really the future of digital marketing. And that is what consumers expect today. A recent study even shows that 79% of consumers feel frustrated when the content of their viewing behavior is not adapted to them.

  1. Interactive content

Interactive content marketing means that you use the content to engage your audience based on their participation. It is like a conversation, but then a conversation in which you do not have to actively participate.

Buyers today are more looking for interactive online content and by 2020, content marketing will change direction. AR / VR, 360° video, quizzes, and surveys are just a few examples of interactive content.

A good example of interactive content marketing can be found at Buzz feed. The news platform is very popular thanks to their quizzes and online tests.

Interactive content will be one of the most important marketing trends of 2020 for a number of reasons:

  • It is new and original
  • It gives visitors a reason to stay on the page
  • It is always shared (almost everyone shares the results of a – often meaningless – quiz, such as “What is your spirit animal?”)
  • The more you share, the higher your name recognition
  • People love interaction!
  1. Chatbots

Many companies already use a chatbot, effective software that interacts with visitors and customers on a website. Chatbots communicate naturally with site visitors and can answer their questions in real-time.

Chatbots use verbal interactions or chat windows to help internet users find what they are looking for.

Let us return to and its famous chatbot: the ‘Bolle man’. This chatbot answers the most frequently asked questions and in slightly more complex situations an employee is called in.

Hiring someone to monitor and communicate with your website visitors can be expensive, but chatbots save costs by answering questions on your behalf. Because of this, customers tend to appreciate the personal service and get answers to their questions.

Some benefits that chatbots offer and make them indispensable:

Saving time: Unlike people, a chatbot can answer all kinds of questions quickly. A quick answer means that a customer can make a decision quickly.

Customer Satisfaction: Unlike people, the chatbot does not need time to rest. If the customer wants information, he has it immediately. If the chatbot responds more accurately, sales will also increase.

Efficient: A chatbot is fairly objective. You will never hear customers complain about a refusal. They are impartial, clear, and informative – all qualities that ensure that your customers feel at ease.

  1. Voice Search

As technological growth continues faster and faster, more and more people will start using smartphones with voice assistants.

Functions such as Google, Alexa, and Siri are useful in digital marketing. With these functions you can search, read the text, and even dictate text messages, so you can work hands-free.

Voice search is also essential when it is used for your company. It helps to develop a friendly mobile movement and adds value to locally referencing. Voice search also improves the use of artificial intelligence and gives priority to the search for semantics.

A recent study shows that 31% of smartphone users in the world use voice-activated search at least once a week, such as Siri. By 2020, 50% of all searches will be conducted through voice research. This makes voice research one of the biggest trends in online marketing in 2020.


Digital marketing is constantly changing and the above tactics and ideas are likely to bring major changes in 2020. If you have a business, it is important to know what the current marketing trends are and to keep abreast of where digital marketing is going in the future.

Felix Tammi

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