7 Things Successful People DON’T Do

Why do some people become so successful when terrible things always happen to you? Why are you always unlucky?

Successful people have discovered the ‘magic thing’. That is no more than a different way of thinking and acting, and they simply act and walk in that ‘right’ way. They will never return to their ‘old’ way of doing things. Whatever happens to them, they never fall back into their old bad habits.

Years ago, during my job as HR Manager, an interesting discussion with a friend arose during a difficult moment. This discussion changed my life. I was given an important life lesson, albeit in a hard and painful way. The good news is that once you learn this lesson, you won’t go back. It doesn’t happen to you anymore, even though life and work have many lessons for us. 

Are you also looking for the key to happiness and success? Here I give you the 7 most important life lessons.

Successful people never go….

  • Changing themselves, or pretending to be different from they really are. In everything we do, we must dare to ask ourselves’ is this me? Why am I doing this? Do I want this? ”… If the answer to any of these questions is negative, you must have a damn good reason to keep going. Be and remain authentic and honest with yourself.
  • Trying to change another person. When you see that someone reacts and acts differently, respect that person in his ‘being’. Give them the freedom to discover things themselves and experience the consequences. The only one you can change is yourself.
  • Do the same thing a 2nd time if it didn’t work the 1st time. A job, a friendship or a relationship has ended for some reason. During a second attempt with the same things and actions do not expect a different result, because that does not exist. You only get a different result, through different actions.
  • Pleasing and wanting to please everyone. Believe that keeping everyone happy is just an illusion, a fantasy. Start living according to your own life purpose. Try to please the right people. Claim your own ‘I’ and live your own life. Like Marco, Borsato sings about it so beautifully and appropriately.
  • Dream about the impossible, but have a role model they live by. We love perfection and look up to successful people. You are not only successful in business life but absolutely also in love life, friendship, and life in general. Believe in yourself and look up to your role model. Why should they and you can’t? Without dreams, nothing can happen. Grab your dreams and GO for IT! Act and work towards it!
  • Losing the big picture or ‘the bigger picture’. Stop and take a step back. See where you want to go. This way you can see the route you have to walk to get there. Every step is a step in the right direction. On the way to the final goal. Take the time to see the big picture and set your goal.
  • Taking the victim role. Always ask yourself what your role was in this? Always question yourself. What could I have done differently / better? Learn from your experiences and look open-minded to your personal growth. Excuses will get you nowhere, except to your own ‘misfortune’. Throw out excuses.

Everyone makes mistakes, including the most successful people.

Recognizing those mistakes makes someone happy and successful! Achieve your own success by having a vision of life, daring to make choices, being open to the search for your own right life choices. Realize that making the right choices is not the easiest path to take in the long term. One thing is for sure, long-term choices are the right choices. No one ever said it would be easy.

Our job in life is to get the best out of it and to act according to our Core Talents. The CoreTalents are the true ‘me’ and are the golden key to success and happiness in our lives.

Do you want a life full of happiness and success? Of course! Who not? Well, I can help you with that. Don’t hesitate, believe in yourself, and take yourself seriously.

Felix Tammi

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