7 Benefits of an Intimate Wedding

Getting married is increasingly becoming a conscious choice now that the social pressure to marry has decreased. That is why it is so important to share the reason why you want to get married, namely real love, with the special people around you. You only want to share the most beautiful day of your life with only real loved ones and not with vague acquaintances and distant acquaintances. In my opinion, an intimate wedding is the perfect way to give your wedding a more personal, relaxed, and cozy feeling. With a larger wedding, this is not impossible, but it is just a bit more difficult to realize. At large weddings, you do not always have the opportunity to speak to everyone, which is often a shame for bridal couples. Their entire wedding was a blur for them because of all the rush and run to keep up with the timetable. It is a pity if you do not consciously experience such an important day that you have invested so much in and have lived towards for so long. If you value personal conversations and the optimal experience of the day together with your family and friends, then intimate marriage is definitely worth considering for you.

What is an intimate wedding

In the Netherlands, a distinction is often made between day, reception and evening guests, and even people who are “sent away” between ceremony and party. Despite the fact that the choice and motives of the bridal couple are perfectly logical, this is always an awkward moment. An average wedding in the Netherlands often has 100-day guests and 200 evening guests. But when do you call a wedding intimate? Although some consider a wedding up to 75 people as intimate, in my opinion a wedding can only be called intimate when the guest list is 20 to 50 people. As soon as you invite more than 50 people, the degree of intimacy, personality and coziness decreases considerably.

There are so many reasons for choosing an intimate wedding. Whether it’s to cut costs or you want to create an extraordinary, luxurious experience for a select few, these ideas can help you decide what type of wedding you want.


What better way to implement your personality as a couple in your wedding than by choosing a unique location that suits you? How about a playful wedding in a beautiful garden with a swimming pool, a rustic rural wedding at an old barn or an organic wedding at a greenhouse? Because you are with fewer guests, there is more space for special locations that are not used as standard for weddings. It is easier to choose a wedding location, nothing is too small for you. In addition, it is also easier to create a wedding location yourself, such as your parental home or in your own garden. Watch out; in your own backyard sounds simple, but this often involves extra work, such as enough space for the caterer, chairs, toilets and any permits.


Do you see yourself at your dream wedding surrounded by only your closest family and friends? Think about which people are really important to you and who you want to have next to you on your best day. You don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t invite your boss, neighbor or old aunt. Everyone understands that if you say you have an intimate wedding, it is only for family and real friends. Ultimately, you have more time for your friends because you have to pay less attention to people. This makes you feel a lot more relaxed on your wedding day because you only have people around you who you love and with whom you feel at home.


Because you save on the number of guests, you have money left for other aspects. If you have a fixed amount in mind that you want to spend as much as possible, with a smaller number of guests, you can focus much more on the details that make it an unforgettable day not only for yourself but also for your guests. There are no longer that many weddings these days, but they are often the moments that will stay with you for a long time. Go for quality over quantity. At a small wedding, you can really pamper your guests. Serve them a first-class six-course dinner, a beautiful cake table with maybe a cocktail or gin and tonic bar, and treat them afterward with extremely personal gifts. Getting married intimately with a small guest list makes these kinds of extras possible for your guests.


Now you can choose that beautiful location, order that fantastic designer dress and shoes or, as a true Burgundian, spend a large part of your budget on delicious food or fantastic live music. While some couples dream of celebrating their wedding with everyone they know, others prefer to marry intimately with only their close friends and family so that they can have the wedding of their dreams for the same money.


Are you all about romance and spontaneity? Then invite family and friends to an (engagement) party and surprise them with a wedding upon arrival. The advantage of a surprise marriage is that you can work silently on the preparation of your marriage without putting a lot of pressure on it. As a result, neither you nor your guests have to worry about etiquette and dress codes or which gift to bring to your wedding.


If you are with a small group, it is also nice to spread it over several days instead of one day. Rent your dream location for the entire weekend and let all your guests stay there with you. How wonderfully relaxed to enjoy a champagne breakfast together the day after your wedding while memories are recalled from the previous day. And if you still feel a little guilty towards all those people who weren’t among the lucky few to attend your intimate wedding, you can always stretch the festivities by organizing an after-party a month after the wedding – and the honeymoon – for example. Give for a larger party.


Have you always dreamed of a wedding among the vines in Italy, a modern or Bohemian wedding in Ibiza or perhaps on a tropical island? Then treat your close family and friends to a foreign fairy tale wedding. By choosing a foreign destination you are actually automatically forced to compile a smaller guest list. And conversely people also immediately understand that it is impossible to have a big wedding. The biggest dilemmas about the guest list are therefore much smaller. Everyone who has been to a wedding abroad agrees, it is an unforgettable experience, for bridal couple and guests. You get married abroad in a holiday atmosphere in a pleasant, sunny climate, and you stay there for a few days, which makes it completely different. It’s nearly impossible to arrange a marriage abroad on your own, so you need someone to arrange it for you. So be sure to check it out getting married abroad.

While intimate marriage has certain benefits, it is not a correct assumption that a smaller wedding requires less effort. Small is not a synonym for simple in this case. On the contrary, because with fewer guests every small detail of your wedding catches the eye, this requires extra care and attention. A wedding planner or designer can help you shape the wedding so that it is an optimal reflection of your love story and personality. The most beautiful location, personal details, and beautiful styling which makes it a unique and enchanting wedding.

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