5 Reasons to Improve Your Time Management

Improving your time management is important. Why? Because it brings you multiple benefits. Good time management naturally saves time. You get more free time and/or you have more space to perform your tasks properly. Despite the fact that the time saving is a very important advantage, there are many more interesting advantages, also on the emotional level. Effective Working gives you 5 important reasons to improve your time management.

More confidence

Bad time management ensures that your tasks are not completed properly and / or not completed on time. This lowers your confidence and drags on your productivity. By improving your time management you will gain more self-confidence. You will become more motivated, more productive and your job satisfaction will increase. Major benefits, all of which come from an increase in your self-confidence.

More compliments at work

If you can improve your time management to a healthy level, others in the workplace will notice this too. Effective time management ensures that you have more focus on your tasks, that you get more done in a day, and that you also have peace of mind. You also radiate this. Your colleagues and your manager (s) see that you are doing well and this will earn you the necessary compliments at work. This of course also ensures more self-confidence. However, it is important that the compliments are given in the correct way, as the video below also proves.

Develop your own strategies

Improving time management starts with something small. Bad time management mainly consists of the wrong habits and you don’t just learn them. You have to replace them with good habits and that takes time. It is therefore important that you start small and work slowly towards larger changeovers. This gives you the space to discover and develop your own strategies so that you have everything at hand to approach the larger tasks from effective time management.

Less work stress

With effective time management, you experience less work stress. Poor time management causes a much higher stress level in the workplace and stress will get in the way – certainly in the longer term. Time to reduce work stress and increase job satisfaction! You do this by improving your time management.

Set priorities

In practice, improving time management often also means that you have to learn to set your priorities differently. Effective time management is virtually impossible without setting priorities. If you learn to set your priorities in the right way, you will find yourself gaining time and seeing how best to spend your efforts.

Felix Tammi

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