14 Tips for Green and Sustainable Marriage

Would you like to contribute to a better world and would you like to seal your love with a wedding? Then consider organizing a sustainable wedding! You can make a wedding as green and environmentally friendly as you want. With our 14 tips, you can be kind to the world on the best day of your life by getting married sustainably.

What is a green wedding?

With a sustainable wedding, you take the earth a little more into account in the choices you make. For example, you choose suppliers who only use products from the region, so that you limit the number of polluting kilometers. You can also consciously omit or replace certain supplies or materials because their production is not environmentally friendly. With the following 14 tips for sustainable marriage, you determine how ecological your wedding will be. This way you consciously make a day with a light or dark green touch.

Choose a more sustainable alternative to balloons

Did you know that balloons are very harmful to the environment? It takes years before an inflated balloon is broken down by the environment. Animals can also mistake a balloon for food, which often does not end well. For an ecological wedding, it is, therefore, better to omit balloons and choose a more sustainable alternative. For example, go for simple bubble blowers or rent kites and release them on the beach together.

Go for eco-friendly wedding invitations

You can also get married sustainably by choosing environmentally friendly wedding invitations. Therefore, go for the wedding invitations from Kaartje2go! The paper for our wedding invitations is FSC certified. This means, among other things, that the wood for this paper is extracted from sustainably managed forests. We also participate in Post NL’s Green Post project. In this way, we compensate our CO2 emissions and with this money can support sustainable projects.

Deliver your wedding invitations by bicycle

You can easily make your wedding day a little more sustainable by delivering your wedding invitations by bike. This saves some kilometers with a car for the distribution of your wedding invitations. In addition, your invitation will be even more personal!

Put your gift idea on the wedding card

Putting a gift idea on the wedding card may not be according to etiquette, but it is very good for the environment. By communicating what you would like, you will receive far fewer wedding gifts that you will not actually use. You also have more influence on how green your wedding gifts are. Need inspiration for your gift list? Then read our article with tips for great wedding gifts.

Give your guests sustainable thanks

You also take a step in the right and green direction with ecological wedding favors. Thank your guests, for example, with a plant, with growing paper from which flowers grow or with sustainable chocolate. You can also choose to thank your guests in your speech and not give the wedding thanks.

Sustainable marriage: hold your wedding in one location

Are you looking for another easy way to make your wedding sustainable? Then choose one location where you can hold the ceremony, dinner, and party. This saves gasoline and therefore environmental pollution! You will have more time and you will experience less stress to arrive on time.

Choose the bicycle as your wedding transport

Are you unable to run the entire program in one place? Then make sure that you can cover the distances by bicycle. Choose wedding locations that are close to each other and arrange bicycles for guests coming from outside. This alternative to the wedding car is environmentally friendly and it is also much more fun.

Buy decorations from the thrift store

Sustainable marriage does not mean that your big day should not look neat! For example, just buy your decoration at the thrift store or browse the marketplace for matching decoration. There are already enough things in the world to dress up your wedding.

Make the decoration yourself and from old materials

In the context of recycling, you can easily make your own wedding decorations. For a sustainable wedding, for example, make flags from scraps of fabrics, make streamers from the paper of old atlases or record books and create your own corsages with materials such as ribbon, fabric, and dried flowers.

Opt for wedding rings made from recycled gold

Did you know that gold mining is very unfriendly to miners and the environment? It is therefore better to opt for recycled gold. For example, collect old jewelry that you or family members no longer use and ask a goldsmith to make wedding rings from it. You can also take it a step further by collecting gold from old phones. In addition, you can choose a completely different material. Consider, for example, wooden wedding rings!

Choose a bridal bouquet that will not fade

Would you like to have a bridal bouquet, but do you think it’s a waste of money and flowers? Then go for a bridal bouquet that you can enjoy for years to come. For example, crochet a bridal bouquet, make one out of paper or put together a bouquet of dried flowers.

Rent your wedding dress or opt for second-hand

You really take your ecological wedding to the next level with a sustainable wedding dress. For example, search Marketplaces for your second-hand, but perfect wedding dress. You can also have old wedding dresses made into one modern one. Finally, it is also possible to rent a wedding dress. This is cheaper and several brides enjoy the wedding dress.

Go for sustainable suppliers

When it comes to the locations and suppliers of the wedding cake, snacks, and dinner, there are also many green options. For example, choose suppliers who consider the sustainability of paramount importance and who use local seasonal products. It also helps to choose nearby companies. And your day really turns green with suppliers who make vegetarian or even vegan dishes.

Experience a sustainable honeymoon

You can also make your honeymoon as ecological as you want. For example, go on a honeymoon by train, instead of by plane. Also, consider whether the money you spend at your destination benefits the inhabitants of the country. At your destination, do a lot on foot or by bike and choose sustainable accommodations where possible. Not sure how to go about an ecological honeymoon? Book your trip with a travel organization that specializes in more sustainable travel.

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