11 Reasons to Get Married in the Fall

When you think of getting married in the fall, rain is probably your first association. Still, an autumn wedding has an atmosphere and there are many advantages to getting married in the fall. Curious why the fall wedding is the new wedding in June, and whether it really rains so much in the fall? We list 11 reasons for an autumn wedding! 

Getting married in the fall is romantic and fun

Do you get excited about marshmallows by the campfire? Then autumn is your season. If you opt for an autumn wedding, you can go all out with blankets, fireplaces and tea. In the evening it often cools down, so you are forced to let your guests sit warmly, which you don’t mind at all! 

Just as much rain in May as in October 

Did you know that there was just as much rain in May 2018 as in October that year? It is therefore not necessary for an autumn wedding to fall into the water! And that while May is in the top 3 most chosen wedding months. Of course, there is a difference between drizzling rain all day or one heavy rain shower, but for the weather, you do not necessarily have to leave a wedding in October. In November there was even less rain than in October! 

Autumn wedding color palette with the most beautiful colors

When getting married in the fall, you don’t have to think long about the color palette of your wedding. Autumn is full of beautiful colors that match. How about rust-brown or wine red, for example? In combination with olive green and honey yellow, these colors look very beautiful! Make it a little romantic with soft pink or go for a classic twist with chocolate brown. 

Autumn wedding with magical photos

If you choose a good photographer, all of your photos will be beautiful. Still, getting married in the fall adds that little more to your wedding photos. For example, you can take wedding photos in the forest, where there are many possibilities. Consider, for example, swirling leaves as decor or soft sunlight passing through the trees. The paths full of fallen leaves give the most beautiful colors for your wedding photos. And if you do have rain at your wedding, photos in the rain or under an umbrella are also very original! 

Your autumn bridal bouquet will be the most beautiful

In addition to beautifully colored leaves, autumn also brings a lot of beautiful flowers. For example, how about sunflowers in your bridal bouquet? Dahlias are also beautiful flowers for an autumn wedding. The following flowers and plants go very well with getting married in the fall.

  • Eucalyptus 
  • Sunflowers
  • Roses
  • Astilbe 
  • Pampas grass
  • Dahlias 

Getting married in the fall is cheaper

Just like a winter wedding, an autumn wedding is often cheaper. Most couples get married during the wedding season, which runs from May to September. If you are getting married in the fall, your favorite location is therefore often cheaper! Most locations are also available at more times than in the spring and summer. 

Autumn wedding may be dark in style

You could already tell from the beautiful color palette for an autumn wedding: you can arrive with dark colors in the fall! Of course, you don’t necessarily have to choose light pink and mint green in the summer, but those are more obvious shades when it is warm. In the fall you could even opt for a cool wedding theme, such as Halloween, dark green & gold or Game of Thrones.

Autumn guarantees good food

The advantage of getting married in the fall is also the variety of ingredients and dishes! For example, have pumpkin soup or mushroom soup served as a starter and opt for a stew or game as the main course. Of course, a stew buffet is also delicious in the autumn. There are also countless options for dessert, with autumn fruit such as apple and pear, and with caramel, specular or stroopwafel. 

Long-sleeved dress is perfect in temperature

Where a dress with long sleeves can be warm in the summer, you can wear it in October or November. A dress with sleeves often looks very chic and gives just a little more protection against the cold. Of course, a fur coat, wool stole or cardigan also looks great with an autumn wedding dress.

Everyone is present at your wedding

Another benefit of getting married in the fall is that almost everyone will be at your wedding. In the spring and summer, many people go on vacation, so there is always someone who cannot be there. In addition, everyone will remember your wedding, because you are not one of the many couples who get married in the same month!

Easy to style with natural decoration

And last but not least, an autumn wedding is also very easy to style! What you can mainly use is natural decoration, such as pine cones as a named cardholder, leaves as table runners, and pumpkins in the aisle to the yes. Tree trunks, a fireplace, and fire pits also do very well to make it cozy. Finally, heather, apples, and pears should not be missed at an autumn wedding.

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