11 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Bookmark

Most industries move at a modest pace, making books and magazines useful tools for staying up to date with tactics, techniques and new developments.

Digital marketing is, to put it lightly, a little different! From new advertising platforms to Google algorithm updates, changes and developments in the digital marketing industry happen at such a fast pace that the information you read one month is often out of date the next.

One of the best ways to keep up to date with news and developments in the digital marketing world is through industry blogs.

We’re big fans of continual self-education through high quality blogs. With thousands of digital marketing blogs to choose from, weeding out the good information from the bad can be an incredibly time-consuming process.

Last year, we published our six favorite digital marketing blogs. Recently, we’ve updated and expanded our list to include 11 digital marketing blogs that belong on your bookmark list. Ready to read? Pick any of the following and get ready to make some notes.

Marketing Land

Marketing Land features daily updates about the latest developments in the digital marketing industry. The news published on Marketing Land ranges from announcements and business developments from the top marketing brands to helpful How-To guides.

Since Marketing Land publishes such a huge amount of content so frequently, it’s a fantastic one-stop-shop for keeping up to date with the digital marketing world. Most of the content here is “big picture” stuff – expect more posts on industry trends than step-by-step tutorials.

Because Marketing Land has such a huge reach, it often features content from digital marketing thought leaders and industry experts. If you’re looking for insightful commentary on recent news, this is the place to go.

It’s super useful for:

Keeping up to date with the latest digital marketing industry news, upcoming launches, brand announcements and technology without having to visit multiple websites.

Felix Tammi

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